Why Barefoot Bride?

The new bride is the Barefoot Bride, a woman with an attitude of joy, independence and freedom, who is not afraid to kick off her shoes and embrace life’s ups and downs.

These days brides are enjoying having a major part in planning their own weddings, setting budgets and making their event reflect their and their fiancée's unique personalities.

I want to help you enjoy every step of planning your own wedding, so that it becomes something you and your family can remember with pride and happiness as everything you hoped it would be.

So kick off those shoes and go Barefoot! You are unique and beautiful, and your wedding will be, too.

What is Wedding Design?

– Unique printed items custom designed for your wedding, like invitations, place cards, programs and brochures.

– Creative suggestions & ideas for theme, gifts, goody bags, party ideas, and more.

– Helpful money-saving ideas and do-it-yourself suggestions to keep your wedding on budget.

– A one-stop resource for wedding planners and coordinators.

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